Non-Operative Cosmetic Treatments in Brooklyn, NY

If you want a minimally invasive and quick treatment for your cosmetics and beauty, RR Plastix NY Plastic Surgery Center will provide it. We offer non-operative cosmetic treatments in our Brooklyn, NY office, ensuring safety and convenience. Our services are intended to reverse the effects of aging, genetics, and other cosmetic facial flaws. Our injections and FDA-cleared Ultherapy treatments give patients a fuller, unified face. Our office and specialists are fully equipped to treat you comfortably and securely, ensuring an exceptional patient experience.
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Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment for lifting the neck, chin, and eyebrows. It is the only fully FDA-approved procedure for smoothing and reducing lines and wrinkles in the lower chest.


Dermabrasion is a skin-resurfacing treatment. It involves sanding and smoothing the outer and middle skin layers to reduce the effects of damage. The procedure stimulates new skin growth for an improved appearance.

Cosmetic Injections

Our cosmetic injections improve shape, form, and volume within the face. We inject and treat patients with Botox, Dysport, Daxxify, Xeomin, Juvederm, Restylane, RHA, Sculptra, Kybella, Radiesse, and Belotero.

Laser TRL

Turntable Resurfacing Lasers, or Laser TRL, emit safe yet powerful light beams to eliminate damaged skin layers from the face. It heats the skin underneath, promoting new healthy collagen and skin production.

Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL uses cutting-edge light therapy and broad-band light to rejuvenate skin and make it look younger. It reduces scarring, acne, fine lines, and facial wrinkling.

Genius RF Microneedling

Genius RF microneedling uses innovative radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen. This energy-driven skin volume treatment penetrates the skin deeply to reduce wrinkling and improve skin texture and resolution.

Halo Pro™

The Halo Pro™ merges ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to tighten skin and remedy flaws in the facial complexion. It is used to treat and remedy many skin issues like wrinkling and hyperpigmentation.


We apply a wide range of dermal fillers, soft tissue fillers, lip fillers, facial fillers, wrinkle fillers, and implants via injection. They are designed to give the face a smoother and fuller look.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Our team uses in-office laser skin treatments to smooth and improve the face. The lasers heat the lower skin layers to rejuvenate the skin and reduce cosmetic flaws.

Sciton Halo Pro

Sciton Halo™ Pro Laser is an optimal treatment for patients who want the best results in less time. Its fractional lasers penetrate the dermis with thermal energy, quickly tightening the skin.

Sculptra Aesthetic

Scultera® is a dermal filler used to augment soft tissue and skin. Also known as poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA), it is applied to rejuvenate skin volume and structure and promote collagen production.

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