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Q: What’s Gynecomastia/Male Breast Hypertrophy?

Gynecomastia, otherwise known as Male Breast Hypertrophy is a condition that is generally caused by a combination of two factors: dense breast tissue behind the nipple and excessive fatty tissue deposits over the wide chest muscle.

Gynecomastia affects a significant proportion of men. The majority of men who suffer with gynecomastia first notice the development of enlarged breasts early in the adolescence. The condition sometimes resolves on its own, but in the vast majority of patients it persists through years into the adulthood and becomes a cause for psychological embarrassment and discomfort around peers, friends and life partners. Most of cases of Gynecomastia are idiopathic, or not caused by any specific reason, but some cases could be due to certain endocrine diseases, hormonal changes, hereditary conditions, or the use of certain illicit and prescription drugs. When being evaluated for gynecomastia, Dr. Rayham will carefully examine you, evaluate your past medical history, and examine list of the medications you use. Sometimes additional evaluation by a medical doctor or an endocrinologist, a specialist in hormonal disorders, may be required to rule out any internal cause for gynecomastia. Luckily upon completion of this evaluation the vast majority of patients found to have no medical reasons or notable hormonal causes for breast enlargement.

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Q: Why Should I Consider Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • To reduce large breasts.
  • To improve overall body proportions.
  • To remove psychological discomfort associated with large breasts.
  • To look better with or without a t-shirt.

Q: How is Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Dr. Rayham performs Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction and Liposuction procedures in the hospital and ambulatory surgery settings in Manhattan/NYC, Brooklyn or Staten Island, New York. This procedure generally lasts from one to two hours with the patient under a general anesthesia and asleep. You will go home the day of the operation. unless you have medical reasons to be observed in the hospital overnight.

Liposuction of the breast has traditionally been the mainstream approach for gynecomastia treatment. Unfortunately liposuction alone in these patients will often lead to inadequate correction. Liposuction addresses the fatty deposits, but it is not adequate for reduction of the fibrous tissue deposits. Dr. Rayham utilizes an advanced remote access technique to remove the fibrous tissue from under the nipples and to avoid placement of the scars on your breasts or around the areola. Dr. Rayham uses Ultrasonic Liposuction to dissolve the fat and tighten the skin. After liposuction Dr. Rayham assesses the amount of remaining fibrous tissue in the breasts and, when needed, uses the same small incision he used for liposuction to place a special instrument to remove the fibrous tissue. The advantage of this technique is absence of a second incision on the breast. Dr. Rayham removes the fibrous tissue from the breast using the same small incision he used for liposuction using a special device designed for remote access. The vast majority of patients have excellent results with combination of ultrasonic liposuction and remote access fibrous tissue resection and do not need a cut on their breast.

Q: What Should I Anticipate After the Procedure?

Your procedure will usually last for about one to two hours. Upon completion of your operation post-operative compression garment will be placed to compress the skin of your chest and minimize the movement and resultant discomfort. You may experience some pain associated with the surgery which is usually controlled well with pain medications. Upon discharge you will have prescriptions for pain medication that you will take as needed, and antibiotics that you will need to take for several days to decrease chances of infection. There are usually no sutures that need to be removed.

You will notice the immediate improvement right after the operation. There will be gradual further improvement of contour and the final result of the procedure will be noticeable once all the swelling subsides. This may take several weeks to several months.

Dr. Rayham encourages his patients to refrain from smoking for several weeks before and after the surgery. While complications are rare, Dr. Rayham will discuss the risks of your procedure with you prior to proceeding with surgery. If is important to be well-informed ahead of time. You can minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions given to you after surgery.

If you live in New York or nearby, you can go home the day of your gynecomastia procedure. Our out of town patients normally stay overnight in one of our recommended hotels and can be driven home or fly home the next day following their postoperative check-up with Dr. Rayham.

Q: Am I a Candidate for Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction/Liposuction Procedure?

You may be a candidate for gynecomastia male breast reduction/liposuction procedure if you have any of the above concerns and if you are in overall good health to undergo an operation. Click here if you’d like to email Dr. Rayham with a question or a concern. We also encourage you to call us toll free 1 866 435 5357 (1 866 435 5357) , or 1 877 Dr.Rayham (1 877 377 2492) to speak with Dr. Rayham or RR Plastix New York Plastic Surgery Center experienced office staff.

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