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What’s a Chin Implant or Cheek Implant Surgery?

Strong jaw line and high cheek bones are considered aesthetically pleasing qualities of the face. Some patients benefit from enhancement of those areas. Facial prostheses, such as chin and cheek implants, often used to create a stronger chin and jaw line and higher placed or fuller cheeks. Facial fullness, definition and profile are ususally significantly improved with placement of chin implant, otherwise known as mentoplasty, or placement of cheek implant, also known as malarplasty. Patients often consider facial implants as an adjunct procedure to a nose surgery (rhinoplasty) or a facelift procedure. This procedure is custom tailored for each individual patient’s needs. Dr. Rayham will address your specific concerns and will provide you with detailed information to help choose specific approach to your facial implant procedure.

The implants themselves are made of either a soft malleable silicone type of material or hard durable material (Medpore). The silicone used in facial implants is FDA approved and is not known to leak or cause any side effects. Either type of facial implant material should last for years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a Candidate for a Chin Implant or Cheek Implant Surgery?

You may be a candidate for a facial implant procedure if you have any of the above concerns and if you are in overall good health to undergo an operation.

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