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Q: What’s an Otoplasty Surgery?

Surgery of the ear, also known as otoplasty, is a procedure most commonly performed to set prominent ears back closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears. People also have ear surgery to correct malformed ears. Otoplasty is performed for adults and children with equal success. Children of school age especially benefit from this operation since their protruding ears often make them object of ridicule by their peers. This teasing can have a devastating effect on the child’s psyche.

Otoplasty procedures are available for those who would like to change the shape and position of their ears and for those with congenital (birth) irregularities. Additionally, an individual’s ears may exhibit abnormal traits due to their genetic make-up or an accidental injury, such as losing an ear or part of an ear. Otoplasty is used successfully for each of these situations. Regardless of the procedure, patients have been pleased with the long-lasting improvements to their appearance offered by ear surgery.

Q: Why Should I Consider an Otoplasty?

  • To flatten the ears to make face more proportional.
  • To correct lop ears (ears with folded ear tips).
  • To reshape irregularly shaped or positioned earlobes.
  • To enlarge small ears.
  • To correct other congenital ear defects.
  • To address traumatic ear injuries, including the loss of an ear.

Q: How is an Otoplasty Performed?

Dr. Rayham performs otoplasty procedure in his offices or hospital setting in Manhattan/NYC, Brooklyn or Staten Island, New York. This surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia with possible twilight sedation for adults and general anesthesia for children. The standard otoplasty procedure flattens the ears and brings them closer to the head. The incisions are usually placed in the creases behind the ears. This approach hides the incisions from being easily visible and allows easy access to the cartilage located behind the ears. The cartilage gets reshaped and ears flatten and get positioned closer to the head. The procedure takes approximately one to two hours, depending upon the extent of surgery. Certain more complex reconstructive procedures may require longer time. There are various surgical techniques involved in correcting irregularities other than protruding ears. The right choice of your otoplasty ear surgery will be discussed with you during your visit with Dr. Rayham in his practices in New York City, Brooklyn or Staten Island.

Q: What Should I Anticipate After the Procedure?

Usually upon completion of surgery large bandages are placed around the head. These dressings are usually removed in about a week time in children and two to five days time in adults. Subsequently to that a head band should be worn at night time to prevent accidental pulling on the ears during sleep. This method secures the ears in place and assists with the healing process. There is some minor pain associated with surgery which can be treated effectively with oral medication. While complications are rare, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the post-operative directions. Dr. Rayham encourages his patients to refrain from smoking for several weeks before and after the surgery. Also, if you wear glasses, we will show you how to position and tape them in such a way to prevent undue pressure that may negatively influence your healing process.

If you live in New York or nearby, you can go home the day of your otoplasty procedure. Our out of town patients normally stay overnight in one of our recommended hotels and can be driven home or fly home the next day following their postoperative check-up by Dr. Rayham.

Q: Am I a Candidate for an Otoplasty?

You or your child may be a candidate for an ear surgery if you have any of the above concerns and if you are in overall good health to undergo an operation. Children should be above the age of four for the cartilage to have enough rigidity to hold sutures. Clickhere if you’d like to email Dr. Rayham with a question or a concern.

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